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Wolf is doing well in the 2nd grade at Mount Desert Elementary School, where he is learning to play violin and enjoying sports. Last fall he played on the Neighborhood House soccer team and this winter he's on the basketball team. Wolf will be in this spring's production of Oliver!, singing and dancing in the orphan chorus. Last summer aboard Besty, Wolf really came into his own as a capable deckhand and a capital shipmate, saving the day with his lookout skills and making life aboard much easier for his mother by helping out and keeping a good attitude.

Chris and Wolf finally finished the bateau they had been building and lauched it last fall in Somes Harbor. Wolf showed off his newfound rowing skills on launching day.

Chris is keeping busy building our new house in Sullivan, Maine. The lower floor of the house is made from a recycled wood/concrete composite block and and the upper floor is a hybrid timber frame. See pictures of the project here. We were very lucky to get the property, 4.5 acres on the water with fruit trees and beautiful sunsets. We can wait to move in this spring. As usual, Chris declared that the 2004 Alaska salmon season was his last, but as winter wears on he's beginning to think of returning for one more season.

Tora is teaching at College of the Atlantic and beginning to publicize her new book, Entanglements: The Intertwined Fates of Whales and Fishermen. The book has already gotten some great reviews and the publisher has done a terrific job putting it together. Tora will be touring to promote the book over the spring and the fall. Keep an eye on the book's website for dates of events. You can also buy a copy--or two or four--by following links from the website. Tora is also working on a number of art/mapping projects, collaborating with artist and friend Frances Whitehead. Check out Tora's portfolio to see some of this work. In the midst of all this work, Tora is getting some knitting in, too.

Seaweed the cat is very unhappy with the snowy cold weather, but otherwise healthy and well-adjusted. We are delighted to have her.

Betsy, our boat, is in need of some attention since Chris and Tora have been focused on other things. She did, however, serve as a wonderful home last summer and is the object of many dreams of summer during these frigid nights.

January 2005

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