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Brad Ives Imports Ships’ Timbers from Suriname Jungles; Martha’s Vineyard Times, July 29, 1999

Jim Morgan’s Mary and Verna is on the Ways; Martha’s Vineyard Times, October 29, 1998

Sina on the Ways at Packer's: Veteran circumnavigators from New Zealand visit the Vineyard; Martha’s Vineyard Times, November 10, 1999

The Shellfish Game: Aquaculture Spawns a New Breed of Fisherman;
Times of the Islands Magazine; Cover Story Winter 1999/2000

Where Have All the Scallops Gone? Martha’s Vineyard Times, December 24, 1998

New Cod Regulations Squeeze More Boats into Smaller Area;
Martha’s Vineyard Times, February 18, 1999

Whales & Fisheries

All DAMmed Up and No Where to Go; Fishermen’s Voice June 2002

Oil Spills Make Broad Demands; Martha’s Vineyard Times, March 4, 1999

Back From Washington, Wondering if the Message Got Through,
Martha’s Vineyard Times, May 18, 2000

A Sail Aboard the Gaff Sloop Vela: The 22nd Annual Moffett Sailboat Regatta;
Martha’s Vineyard Times, September 16, 1999

A series of articles about the controversial, on-again-off-again construction of the Schooner Rebecca; Martha’s Vineyard Times in 1999/ 2000

Book Reviews
The Ghost of the Grasshopper: The Seagirt Saga of Two Families, A New Historical Novel by Tom Hale; Martha’s Vineyard Times, May 13, 1999


Looking to the Future: Energy Principles and Technologies; Part of alternative energy curriculum developed for Cape Cod Community College Environmental Technology Program, 2002


by Tora Johnson

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